Latest IOBC Newsletter (pdf),
December 2015

IOBC Global Newsletter 98, December 2015

The International organisation for Biological Control (IOBC) promotes environmentally safe methods of pest and disease control. It is a voluntary organisation of biological-control workers.

Membership in IOBC gives individuals and organisations the opportunity to participate in biological control activities beyond their specific jobs and workplaces, to step outside their bureaucracies, and to contribute to the promotion of biological control worldwide.

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IOBC Workshop on Biological Control: Concepts and Opportunities,11.-15.10.2015, Engelberg Switzerland.

IOBC Workshop on BC

A very successful IOBC workshop about "Concepts and Opportunities in Biological Control" was held in Engelberg, Switzerland, from 11-15 October 2015.

IOBC brought together 19 participants from around the world and from different disciplines to:

  • discuss the current issues, constraints and needs for modern biological control worldwide;
  • identify tangible options for streamlining and facilitating biological control, for consideration by national and international entities, as well as researchers and practitioners involved in pest management;
  • promote the practice of biological control through the publication of original documents that provide credible, well-documented ways to understand scientific and societal issues that link biological control to human well-being and sustainable pest management;
  • identify scientific research advances that may help to increase biological control success rates, economic returns, and adoption.

Discussions and outcome


ICE 2016, XXV International Congress of Entomology, 25-30 September 2016, Orlando, Florida, USA

ICE 2016

XXV International Congress of Entomology, 25.-30.09.2016, Orlando, Florida, USA.
There will be four IOBC-sponsored symposia, plus a host of additional talks related to biological control and IPM.

Four IOBC-sponsored biological control symposia:

  • Biological Control Under Climate Change

  • Prospects and Challenges for Biocontrol of Disease Vectors

  • Status and Prospects for Biological Control in the 21st Century

  • Zoophytophagous Arthropods in Biological Control

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The IOBC Green & Yellow List approach goes global with Plantwise.


The IOBC Green & Yellow List approach goes global with Plantwise. Over 500 green and yellow lists have been developed in Plantwise countries and are published on the free online Knowledge Bank.

Green and yellow lists, a concept first developed by the IOBC-WPRS Commission on 'Guidelines for Integrated Production' to provide indirect and direct control options to growers for crop pests, has been adopted and expanded through the CABI led Plantwise programme.

Plantwise Programme

IOBC Elections: Call for nominations for a new IOBC Global Executive Committee is now open.

IOBC Elections

Call for nominations for a new Executive Committee: If you are dedicated to BC, and have the time and organizational ability to make a contribution to the field and to your peers - please step forward and offer to serve!

Nominations should be supported by 10 regular IOBC members, and sent with the written consent of the nominee to the Secretary General at least 1 month before the dispatch of the voting documents (i.e., by March 1, 2016). Nominations should include a short biography, and an explanation of why the person qualifies for a specific function on the Executive Committee.

Election procedures


Information on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)

Will Biological Control Be Impossible in the Future?

Forum article in the journal BioControl of the Commission on Biological Control and ABS

The IOBC report to FAO minimized political statements, to focus on a factual summary. The Commission on Biological Control and ABS thought it was essential to present these issues to the biological control community, as an important part of this community is still unaware or just beginning to understand the possible implications of ABS. Therefore, the Commission wrote a forum article for the journal BioControl.
Forum Article

Writing partnership

Writing Partnership

Non-native English speakers sometimes need help in preparing scientific articles for publication in English language journals.

IOBC Global is establishing a pool of volunteers to help review and edit these articles, especially for young scientists and those who cannot afford to pay for professional services. The editing is not focused on scientific content, but rather on language use and clarity.

Please contact Dr. Russell Messing ( if you are willing to volunteer.