plantwise - a CABI-led initiative (logo)The green and yellow lists, as well as other factsheets and extension materials, can be found on the Plantwise

Knowledge Bank at IOBC Green & Yellow List approach goes global with Plantwise Green and yellow lists, a concept first developed by the Commission on 'Guidelines for Integrated Production' of the International Organization for Biological Control's (IOBC) West Palearctic Regional Section (WPRS) to provide indirect and direct control options to growers for crop pests, has been adopted and expanded through the CABI led Plantwise programme. Based on a traffic light system, green and yellow lists are comprehensive selections of the most appropriate preventive and curative control methods for specific pest-crop combinations. Plantwise is a global programme which works in over 30 countries to help farmers lose less of what they grow. Working closely with national agricultural advisory services, Plantwise establishes and supports networks of plant clinics, run by trained plant doctors, where farmers can receive a diagnosis for a plant health problem and get practical science-based recommendations on how to manage it. The Plantwise programme started training national partners to develop country specific green and yellow lists in 2012 to support the practical implementation of IPM at plant clinics. Plantwise adapted the green and yellow lists by making them pest specific and renaming them Pest Management Decision Guides (PMDGs), but otherwise follow the IOBC structure and concept. Plant doctors have been enthusiastic about the green and yellow lists, which act as step-by-step guides for plant doctors to make recommendations to farmers based on IPM principles. The green and yellow lists provide plant doctors with a quick easy-to-use reference to the best cultural, physical and chemical control options, as well as monitoring advice. The green and yellow lists have also supported plant doctors to make safer recommendations by excluding from the lists all WHO class 1a and 1b pesticides as well as those that are internationally restricted or banned (see Plantwise policy on the use of pesticides). Plant doctors are supported by the Plantwise Knowledge Bank, a free online resource for plant health advisors. Over 500 green and yellow lists have been developed in Plantwise countries and are published on the Knowledge Bank, and more are being produced every year.

The green and yellow lists, as well as other factsheets and extension materials, can be found on the Plantwise Knowledge Bank at


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