Environmental pest management: Challenges for agronomists, ecologists, economists and policymakers
Edited by Moshe Coll & Eric Wajnberg. Wiley

African Entomology Special Issue on the Biological Control of Weeds in South Africa

Paterson, I.D., Den Breeyen, A., Martin, G.D., Olckers, T. 2021. Biological control of Invasive Alien Plants in South Africa. African Entomology. 29(3).


South Africa has a large and active weed biological control community that has thrived over the last ten years in terms of both research and implementation.
A recently published special issue on Biological Control of Invasive Alien Plants in South Africa (2011-2020) in the journal African Entomology (Volume 29; Issue 3) summarizes and reviews progress of all the weed biocontrol programmes that have been active in South Africa over the last decade, as well as other important developments and issues related to weed biocontrol in the country. The special issue consists of 24 papers covering 72 target weed species. The editors and authors of the papers in the special issue hope that it will be a beneficial resource for the global biocontrol community.

Download: African Entomology. 29(3) (pdf)



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