Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Cover page of the book.Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean:
Its Rich History and Bright Future.

Edited by:
Joop C. van Lenteren
(Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands),
Vanda H.P. Bueno
(Laboratory of Biological Control, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil),
M. Gabriela Luna
(Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina), and
Yelitza C. Colmenarez
(CABI Brazil, Botucatu, Brazil)

December 2019, 550 pages, ISBN 9781789242430

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Written mainly by IOBC-NTRS authors.

The book summarizes the history of biocontrol in Latin America. Few publications provide historical detail and the records are, therefore, fragmented until now. By bringing information together in this book, a complete picture of important developments in biological control on this continent is provided. There are a wealth of text, tables and references about the history of projects, and which were successful and which failed. This will help plan future biocontrol projects. An overview is provided of the current situation in biocontrol for many countries, revealing an astonishing level of practical biocontrol applied in the region, making it the largest area under biocontrol worldwide. The final part describes new developments and speculates about the future of biocontrol in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Key features:

  • Complete and documented overview of biocontrol in Latin America and the Caribbean, together with records of invasive and native pests.
  • Unique examples of natural, classical, augmentative and conservation biocontrol.
  • Thirty country specific chapters written by national specialists.
  • Reveals many internationally unknown cases of biocontrol and their research history.
  • The first serious attempt to estimate crops and areas under different types of biocontrol.



About the Editors
List of Contributors
Dedication and Acknowledgements

  1. Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean: Information Sources, Organizations, Types and Approaches in Biological Control:  J.C. van Lenteren,V.H.P. Bueno, M.G. Luna, Y.C. Colmenarez
  2. Biological Control in Argentina: N.M. Greco, G. Cabrera Walsh, M.G. Luna
  3. Biological Control in Barbados: J.C. van Lenteren, Y.C. Colmenarez
  4. Biological Control in Belize: E.E. Sosa, F. Blanco, J.C. van Lenteren
  5. Biological Control in Bolivia: J.P. Franco, L.V. Crespo, Y.C. Colmenarez, J.C. van Lenteren
  6. Biological Control in Brazil: V.H.P. Bueno, J.R.P. Parra, W. Bettiol, J.C. van Lenteren
  7. Biological Control in Chile: L. Barra-Bucarei, L. Devotto Moreno, A.F. Iglesias
  8. Biological Control in Colombia: T. Kondo, M.R. Manzano, A. Marina Cotes
  9. Biological control in Costa Rica: H. Blanco-Metzler,  R. Morera-Montoya
  10. Biological Control in Cuba: M.E. Márquez, L.L. Vázquez, M. Rodríguez, J.L. Ayala Sifontes, F. Fuentes, M. Ramos, L. Hidalgo,  L. Herrera
  11. Biological Control in Dominica: J.C. van Lenteren
  12. Biological Control in the Dominican Republic: C. Serra, J.C. van Lenteren
  13. Biological Control in Continental Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands: C.C. Castillo, P. Gallegos, C.E. Causton
  14. Biological Control in El Salvador: J.C. van Lenteren
  15. Biological Control in French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique: P. Ryckewaert and J. Vayssières
  16. Biological Control in Guatemala: J.C. van Lenteren  
  17. Biological Control in Guyana: J.C. van Lenteren
  18. Biological Control in Haiti: P. Ryckewaert, J.C. van Lenteren
  19. Biological Control in Honduras: R. Trabanino, A. Pitty, R.D. Cave 
  20. Biological Control in Jamaica: M.A. Sherwood, J.C. van Lenteren
  21. Biological Control in Mexico: H.C. Arredondo-Bernal, B. Rodríguez-Vélez
  22. Biological Control in Nicaragua: P. Castillo
  23. Biological Control in Panama: B. Zachrisson,  A. Barba
  24. Biological Control in Paraguay: C.C.C. Antúnez, G.R. Romero, V.A.G. López
  25. Biological Control in Peru: N. Mujica, M. Whu
  26. Biological Control in Puerto Rico: M. Ramos, O. Ramos-Rodriguez, F. Gallardo-Covas
  27. Biological Control in the Remaining Caribbean Islands: J.C. van Lenteren, V.H.P. Bueno
  28. Biological Control in Suriname: A. van Sauers-Muller, M. Jagroep
  29. Biological Control in Trinidad and Tobago: A. Khan, W. Isaac 
  30. Biological Control in Uruguay: C. Basso, A. Ribeiro, X. Cibils, W. Chiaravalle, K. Punschke     
  31. Biological Control in Venezuela: C. Vásquez, F. Ferrer, Y.C. Colmenarez, J. Morales Sanchez
  32. The Uptake of Biological Control in Latin America and the Caribbean: J.C. van Lenteren and M.J.W. Cock

Information about ordering the book:


Spanish version of the book:
Control Biológico en América Latina y el Caribe: Su rica historia y futuro brillante


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