Writing partnership

Non-native English speakers sometimes need help in preparing scientific articles for publication in English language journals.
IOBC Global is establishing a pool of volunteers to help review and edit these articles, especially for young scientists and those who cannot afford to pay for professional services. The editing is not focused on scientific content, but rather on language use and clarity.

Please contact the Secretary General if you are willing to volunteer.

Eligibility criteria for authors who wish to benefit from the writing partnership:

  1. At least one author (preferably the lead author) must be a paying member of IOBC
  2. The service is intended for early career authors who have little experience in scientific writing, and have no access to paid editing services
  3. Authors can use the service only onceĀ 

The editing is only for clarity of English language. It does not constitute scientific advice and does not review the scientific quality of the work. It does not replace peer review.


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